Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Re-motivating myself

For as excited as I was to start training this fall, my lack of motivation is amazing.  It's so bad that if I hadn't already pre-paid for the race, I would postpone it.

When we did Shun the Sun in 2012, I thought the reason training was so difficult was that I was teaching myself how to run, how to keep up with a full training schedule, and that I was nursing an
injury.  I realize now that the major cause of the difficulty was training through the heat.  Almost two months into training for Phoenix 3TV and not a single run has been fun, happy, or easy. They have been miserably hot, sticky, and slow, pushing through thick air and extra exhaustion.  Add a whole lot of life to it, and it's been a very, difficult process.
This is the first race that I have balanced a training schedule with not only a full class load at school, but working on my feet for long hours 3-4 days a week.  My legs don't ever seem to get a "rest" day, so they have been extra cranky and sore. This doesn't help the motivation factor, any.

That being said, even though this process has been frustrating, I am still thankful for it.  I've been so tired and stressed lately, that if I didn't HAVE to get out there, I certainly wouldn't.  So, at least this is forcing me to get up and get out there.

An important lesson in this: train for a December or January race, instead.  Much cooler temperatures make for a much easier training process, even if it means getting creative over the holidays. This is the last time I will train for a race of this magnitude in the middle of Arizona summer.

That being said, I am moving forward! Race is paid for, and it's on the calendar in exactly 39 DAYS.  If I don't want race day to be difficult, it's going to take a little more focus.  This means getting more rest (if possible), eating better (even though I'm on a super restricted budget), stretching/foam rolling, and getting to the gym for weight training and cross-training.  I found a yoga class that I enjoy, so now that I am not working Thursday nights I can fit this much needed time in for myself.  School is not going to get easier, and work is finally getting busy.  I always say I work better with a deadline, so here we go!

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