Thursday, May 31, 2012

Interval Training

I would like credit for today's workout.  I thought that getting up at 4am deserved enough applause, but our interval training today proved that it is going to kick our ass (and leg muscles).

Just before we ran our 10k, we met with one of the Wellness Coaches at work who runs 4 marathons a year. 4 people. That means she is literally training all year round, so she knows her stuff.  She gave us a 10 week training plan that included different base runs, long runs, and interval training each week to build up to the goal of a half marathon and marathon. Great!

So, after I injured myself at the 10k by getting horrible shin splints the week of the race, getting a GIANT knot in my calf (not enough potassium?) and then tearing the muscle from my shin, I conferred with Jamie again to make sure that I was not a repeat offender.

I asked her to give me a 30 minute workout that I/we can achieve on a lunch break, since Thursdays have been our interval training. Today was the first day to try it out.  I really feel like it was a very effective workout, however I don't think I was prepared for how difficult it would be! 30 minutes didn't seem like a long time, until we tried to do it without stopping. Needless to say, we didn't do quite that... but probably did the whole 30 minutes in 35. PS, it was 108 today, so it was extra tough.

Here's our 30 minute interval workout:
  • 5 minute warmup - steady run
  • 5 minute sprint intervals - 30 second sprint / 30 second jog recovery (5 times)
  • 5 minutes of drills - lateral runs, running backwards, curb, jumping jacks
  • 5 minute sprint intervals - 45 second sprint / 15 second recovery (jog or walk) (5 times)
  • 3 minutes of drills
  • 4 minute cool down - walk
  • 5 minutes of stretching

I feel great though, and my calves are doing well. They were a little tight in the inner part of the calf, so I went ahead and ordered one of these today off Amazon:

I figure this is probably going to be one of the best investments I can get between now and the race. :)


  1. What the hell is a stick travel stick? Is it a stick?

  2. It's a stick. :)

    It has handles on both ends and the center spins on itself so you can roll it over your muscles. It's great for working out tension/knots on your legs. It helps it so your legs don't hurt as bad when the muscles get super tight.