Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Runner's high...?

Well everyone, I think it's happened.  I might be starting to feel this so called "runner's high." I noticed a twinge of it during the 5k on Sunday, and I haven't stopped running since.  
I thought that I would take Monday off because by Sunday evening, I was wiped out from the past week.  However, I suddenly felt this surge of energy on Monday afternoon, so I ran 2 miles at the gym.  Yesterday, my body needed a little more convincing - I was hell bent on getting a run in before I met Mineko for coffee and a movie, so I quickly hurried home and jumped on the treadmill.  My body was tired... so I only ran 1 mile.  But 1 mile is better than no mile at all, yes?

Today, I thought I would just work out on the elliptical machine.  A funny thing happened - I got a major cramp in my left side while I was on it.  I have finally reached the point where I don't get them any more when I run, and BAM! there it was sneering at me on the elliptical machine.  I realized that I had a different breathing technique on the elliptical, and it wasn't an effective one.  So I finished up my 2nd mile on that machine and finished with a 3rd mile on the treadmill instead.  Tomorrow, Christi and I will run the neighborhoods at lunch, I think 2 miles.

While my runs haven't necessarily been getting faster, I am not concerned by it yet.  I just want to consistently keep active, as I feel the need for it every day.

One bad thing? Sports bras give me a neckache which turns to a headache.  Anyone else ever experience this? Sometimes this happens when I wear the sports bra for a long period of time, however I wouldn't consider 25 minutes a long time.  By the time I get home and showered, I start feeling the pain immediately. Grr.

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