Monday, January 2, 2012

Sometimes, you need to just get angry at yourself to get moving.

Ordinarily, I don't make "New Year's Resolutions" because I feel like you should try to achieve goals all year round.  However, this year I think I've made an exception to this rule since I have found myself increasingly contemplative about the year to come: where I want to be financially, health and fitness goals, vacations and new adventures to plan, etc.  And funny, all this came to a head over the New Year weekend. So there you have it...

After sustaining an injury and then getting sick between an already jam packed holiday season, it seemed apparent that my body was going to be relentless and that I just needed to give in a little. As a result, the January 15th goal of the PF Changs half marathon fell by the wayside.  I started to get really depressed about it and was feeling like I just didn't get the chance.  I felt like there was always something that stood in the way of my goal. 

And then I realized, my goal doesn't have to go away just because I can't make the PF Changs marathon.  I also realized that when I made this decision to run the half marathon, it was on my own. I felt empowered by the idea and excited at the same time.  Then I got a running partner, and I got even more excited! But suddenly I realized that I was relying on my running partner to get me to move forward, rather than propelling myself forward myself.  What kind of shit is that?? If I can't run or hike with someone, I just don't go?

I started to get mad at myself and decided it is time to move forward.  Fact of the matter is, the hardest part is getting the shoes on and getting out the door.  When I finish running, I feel better.  My neck feels more relaxed and my headaches are less.  I start becoming more conscious of what am I eating and my daily caloric intake.  So..I am signing up for a couple of runs and I am doing them, even if it means that I end up doing them alone.  If I pay for them now, I have to do them later.

So here we go:

It's game on, peeps.

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