Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What to eat.

I've spent the major bulk of my evening doing research on what to eat: What to eat the week of a race, what to eat the day before, what to eat the morning of, during, and after the race. It's so complicated!  What has stuck in my mind the most is this statement:
It takes 36 hours for food to be processed and useable in a race.
It's not so much what you eat the day before - you could screw up your energy unintentionally even 36 hours before the race!

Our 10k is in 4 days. I am super excited, but also super nervous.  Our run yesterday was difficult for me, and I couldn't get the negativity out of my head long enough to shake the discouragement.  But I woke up today feeling inspired, my head clear, and ready to prepare for this race.  This week: lots of water, carbs, protein and vegetables.  Limiting my dairy, spicy, and heavy foods.

One of the most useful websites I have found this evening is the No Meat Athlete, and they have an adorable logo: http://www.nomeatathlete.com/