Thursday, November 17, 2011

Is my foot injured, or literally rejecting the idea of continuous exercise??

I can't tell if my right foot is injured, or just rejecting the idea of continuous exercise.

After I finished running my 4mi on Monday, my right foot really started hurting.  By Tuesday morning, it was really throbbing and it became difficult to walk.  I brought something to ice it at work (a bag of frozen pineapple, don't judge me), and that combined with ibuprofen seemed to help a lot.  I decided that my Tuesday run would be 3mi on the elliptical machine.  The elliptical machine is very low impact and designates the cardio into a different area of my legs, so I was able to take it easy.

Wednesday, my foot was feeling better, so I decided to hit the treadmill again.  Ran 4mi and knocked 3 minutes off of my time! My foot didn't hurt at all while I was running, but the minute I stepped off I realized it was going to need ice immediately.  Again, ice and ibuprofen helped immediately.

So where am I today? Sitting on the couch. I decided no running, no hiking, no walking. Got home from work to apply more ice on the area.

But what is it??

My foot hurts directly where the star is, on both sides. (originally only the inner part of the foot):

I'm pretty sure I have decided that it is not:
  • My achilles tendon
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Heel spur
Could it just be pain from impact from running and breaking in new running shoes?   The pain hurts when I apply pressure on it, and when I lift my heel up while walking. Standing on it doesn't hurt, and running on it doesn't hurt.  Could it just be inflamed and it will go away?

Hopefully so, I need to get back to running tomorrow! :(


  1. Did you draw that star yourself? It's rather lovely.

    Is it a sharp or dull pain? Did it start suddenly or kind of creep up on you? I don't have answers but you know I'm a whiz with webmd.

  2. No more running this week, Abby. Go back to strength training, non-running cardio, yoga. Give it some time, I think you may have strained something and it needs to rest!

  3. I did! I was very proud.

    It's dull mainly but then there are twinges of sharp pain.